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Repairing windshields outdoors? Using a UV Blocker is a must! UV light—even indirect, ambient UV light—can cause your repair resin to cure prematurely.

Choose between two different, streamlined styles designed to do the job without getting in your way.


UV Blocker
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Flexible Shell
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UV light is the enemy of windshield repair. Even indirect, ambient sunlight can cause repair resin to cure prematurely. Bottom line: Never leave home without your favorite UV Blocker.

UV Blocker Shell: Our newest model, the Shell is designed to fit perfectly over the Zoom injector. Solid and fully transparent, it offers a 360-degree view of the repair and the ability to make adjustments while in use. Protective microfiber bag included.

Flexible UV Blocker: This convenient 12” square blocker fits over a range of injectors. It’s equipped with 4 convenient suction cups and easy-to-lift flaps to view your repair. It’s lightweight and small, so you can easily fold and store in your kit.

Note: Photos shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancements and adjustments.

Repairing outdoors? Your repair should always be covered by a UV Blocker until you’re ready to cure the resin.

  1. Mount your injector over the repair.
  2. Place your UV Blocker over your injector.
    • When using the Shell, pay attention to the curves on the bottom of the blocker. The smaller openings should align with the suction cups of the Zoom tripod stand.
  3. Repair the break without removing the UV Blocker.
    • When using the Flexible UV Blocker, use the flaps to access the break.
    • The Shell is completely clear and fits snuggly over the Zoom; leave it in place throughout the entire repair. Use the large openings on the bottom to probe as needed.
  4. When you’re ready to cure the resin, remove the UV Blocker.
    • Store the Shell in the microfiber bag (included with purchase).
  5. Use the ProCur+ to cure your repair.

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