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Looking for financial flexibility? Glass is everywhere. With a little grit and determination, owning a glass repair business can be both highly-profitable and personally-rewarding.


Unlike other new businesses, starting a glass repair business is extremely affordable. In fact, a basic GlasWeld windshield repair kit starts at just $695.95. Other initial business costs are optional and usually minimal.

In Demand

Of the 272.48 million vehicles on the roads in America alone, over half of them have a rock chip, foggy headlights, or both. Plus, driving technology like ADAS continues to increase replacement costs, making repair the smart choice.


Windshield repair techs charge on average $75 per chip. Headlight repair techs charge on average $125 per set of headlights. Scratch removal techs charge on average $100 an hour. With most repairs costing a couple dollars or less in supplies, that’s serious profit.

Be Your Own Boss

Work hard for something that’s entirely yours. When you start your own glass repair company, you’re the one responsible for your success.

Enjoy Flexibilty

Itching for freedom? Whether you’re looking to do glass repair full-time or as a side hustle, you get to set your own hours.


Interested in starting a new business? Trying to grow your current business? This Business Guide will walk you through the foundations of running a successful glass repair business, including pricing and how to find customers.

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The windshield repair business for me has been everything I thought it would be. If you have a desire to get out there and meet people, love people, and hustle, it’s a good life. And it’s never been better for a repair technician with regard to the quality of the Zoom, I can’t see it ever wearing out… it’s just so well built. Dennis Craven | Owner of The Crack Cat
Windshield repair has helped me and my family by giving me the freedom that I never had in corporate America...It’s allowed me the flexibility as well as the income potential to really provide stability for our family. I can manage my schedule around my family’s needs and it allows me to have a great work-life balance. Glenn Fell | Owner of Wyndshyld

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Is now a good time to get into glass repair?

Stop and look around you. There’s glass everywhere. For glass repair techs, that means opportunity.

No matter the state of the economy, there’s always a need for glass repair.

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