Does Your Zoom Injector Still Suck?

If not, it may be time to reorder your seals!


Reflecting Excellence in Glass Repair

Family owned and operated since it was founded in 1982, GlasWeld has led the way in glass repair for over 35 years.

Our Story

Family owned and operated since it was founded in 1982, GlasWeld has led the way in glass repair for over 40 years. Over the years, our award-winning tools remain unmatched in terms of quality and innovation. But it’s our commitment to helping people that drives everything we do.

Today, GlasWeld products are used and sold in more than 50 countries by businesses large and small.


From the beginning, we have raised the bar in the windshield repair industry by developing and patenting the world’s most advanced windshield repair equipment. Our leading products include first-of-its-kind tinted resins and the award-winning ProVac Zoom injector.


In 2003, GlasWeld developed Gforce—a system that removes scratches on glass surfaces without causing distortion. Since then, we’ve released our latest generation of this system: the Gforce Max. Gforce is a game-changer for anyone who deals with the costs and headaches of scratched glass.


In 2011, GlasWeld introduced the Gclear headlight restoration system. This system restores polycarbonate headlight lenses and features a wipe-on OEM UV coating and UV curing light which provides a long-lasting, durable finish that lasts for years (not months).


GlasWeld has been our A1 since Day 1 here at MARS Nation. Quality tools and incredible customer service. Bill Garbrandt | MARS Nation
I believe GlasWeld is at the top. They very apparently put a lot of research and development into their products. Their state of the art equipment is like no others out there. The quality of the injectors, lights and resins give you the confidence you need and deserve to start doing the highest quality of repairs Daniel Ironside | Repair Technician
We’ve been very pleased and happy with the quality of GlasWeld tools. They have shortened the learning curve immensely. Sales are growing each day and we are just stoked about having quality tools and quality service. Chris Castillo | Repair Tech