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Glass Scratch Removal

If you work with glass, you deal with scratches. Beyond costing you time, money, and business, scratched glass is just a straight-up pain. Most people either throw out the scratched piece or cause more damage while removing scratch. Sound familiar? It’s time for a better way. With the Gforce Max, distortion-free scratch removal is not only possible—it’s also amazingly simple.

Cut Costs

Is it worth removing a scratch instead of just replacing the glass? Consider the 2.5 Rule: It normally costs 2.5 times the original cost of goods to replace a piece of glass. Why replace when you can save?

Save Time

Waiting on replacement glass or using an outdated scratch removal system costs you valuable time. The Gforce Max scratch removal system allows you to remove most scratches distortion-free in just minutes.

Keep Customers

With every rescheduled appointment and delayed delivery, you lose future customers and damage your reputation . Keep your customers happy and your reputation strong by fixing scratches on-the-spot.

Meet the Max

The next generation of glass scratch removal is here. The Gforce Max is designed specifically for simple, distortion-free scratch removal for flat and auto glass.

With a built-in water feed, ergonomic grip, and self-leveling backer pad, even beginners can use the Max to remove scratches in just minutes. From windshields to skyscrapers, Gforce is the go-to choice for pros all over the world.


Anyone who says distortion-free isn’t possible hasn’t met the Max. Our basic technique doesn’t remove glass from the surface. Instead, it uses heat, friction, and compound to level out the damage. Think of it like ironing wrinkles out of clothes.


With the Max, removing scratches won’t put you behind schedule. Our basic technique, which can be used for 90% of scratches, only uses one disk. In fact, most damage can be removed in just a couple minutes.


Scratch removal doesn’t have to be complicated. The Max is so straightforward that even beginners are just a training video away from successfully removing scratches. We also have extensive resources to prepare you for every scenario.


Most scratch removal systems create a mess so big that it’s not worth the hassle. In conjunction with the Splash Guard, the Max minimizes splatter and keeps your area tidy. No need to stress about clean-up.

How to Remove Scratches from Glass

Step 1

Apply Polishing Compound

Apply Polishing Compound to the Polishing Disk.



How to Remove Scratches from Glass

Step Two

Get the Max in Position

While gripping the Max, press the disk flat against the glass on the scratch.



How to Remove Scratches from Glass

Step Three

Run the Max

Using medium pressure, run the Max back and forth along the length of the scratch.



How to Remove Scratches from Glass

Step Four

Add Water as Needed

Maintain a milky consistency on the glass by releasing water with the built-in water feed system.



How to Remove Scratches from Glass

Step Five

Clean the Glass

Once the scratch is removed, use water and paper towels to clean the glass.



How to Remove Scratches from Glass

Max Demo

See It in Action

Most scratches can be removed in just minutes.



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What makes the Max different than other scratch repair systems?

The Gforce Max is the only tool designed specifically for removing scratches. It’s main features include:

  • Built-in Water Feed: No need for a handheld water bottle. Water is released through a convenient, built-in button.
  • Ergonomic Grip: The grip was designed specifically for comfort and fatigue prevention.
  • Self-leveling Backer Pad: The self-leveling backer pad makes it easy to keep the disk level on the glass.

Many scratch removal systems claim to be distortion-free, but if they use abrasive disks, that’s impossible. Any time glass is removed from the surface, distortion can happen.

Our Basic Technique is able to achieve distortion-free results through a combination of heat, friction, and Polishing Compound. Glass is not removed during the process.

Questions? We’re here to help. Call us at +1 (541) 388-1156 or fill out this form.