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The Zoom is for everyone—from total beginners to world champions. If you’re looking for a windshield repair injector that’s streamlined, fast, and produces high-quality results, the Zoom is the answer.



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In windshield repair, an injector is used to remove the air for the break and fill the break with resin.

The award-winning ProVac Zoom is the most advanced—yet simple—windshield repair injector in the world. With the Zoom, even beginners can achieve professional results in just minutes.



Note: The Zoom injector is not intended as a stand-alone tool. For a complete windshield repair system, check out our windshield repair kits.

The Zoom is the most innovative injector in the glass repair industry. Its features include:

  • Speed: Its streamlined design equips you to do more repairs in less time.
  • Vacuum: No other injector can match the Zoom’s vacuum power. Plus, it holds the vacuum throughout the entire repair process, even when resin is being injected, so that air can never re-enter the break.
  • Simplicity: To use the Zoom, all you have to do is mount it, thread up, thread down. It’s that easy.
  • Click-in Mounting: With other systems, you risk over-tightening the injector on the break, which can cause the damage to spread. To mount the Zoom, you simply click it in to the tripod stand until the injector contacts the glass.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The Zoom body is made in America with durable stainless steel. All GlasWeld injectors come with a lifetime warranty.

Note: Photos are intended for illustration purpose only. Exact products may vary due to product enhancements and updates.

Training Videos

Windshield Repair Demo

Windshield Repair Training

Meet the Zoom

How to Use Your ProCur Smart Curing Light

Understanding Your Equipment

How to Repair a Windshield

Step One

Load the Resin

Add a few drops of resin into the tip of the Zoom injector.


how to repair a windshield - load resin zoom injector


How to Repair a Windshield

Step Two

Mount the Zoom

Attach the tripod stand to the glass, and mount the Zoom over the impact point of the break.


zoom mount windshield repair injector


How to Repair a Windshield

Step Three

Remove the Air

Initiate a vacuum by turning the Zoom handle counterclockwise until it stops. Leave it for at least one minute.


glasweld zoom injector windshield repair tool


How to Repair a Windshield

Step Four

Inject the Resin

Turn the Zoom handle clockwise until you see the Outer White Seal flare. Allow resin to flow for at least one minute.


rock chip repair kit - windshield repair


How to Repair a Windshield

Step Five

Cure the Resin

Place the ProCur curing light directly over the Zoom. Press the button to start curing.


ProCur Smart Cure Windshield Repair Resin


How to Repair a Windshield

Step Six

Fill the Pit

Remove all tools from the glass. Use one drop of Pit Filler and a Film Tab to level the surface of the glass. Cure the Pit Filler.


windshield repair pit filler


How to Repair a Windshield

Step Seven

Polish the Repair

Use a razor blade to remove the extra Pit Filler. Use a small drop of Pit Polish and a cork to polish the repair.


windshield repair polish


How to Repair a Windshield

Zoom Demo

See It in Action

Most rock chips can be repaired in just a few minutes.



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Professional Windshield Repair Kit

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Gary W.
No comparison

Will not use another injector. Makes doing jobs so simple

Zoom Injector

Its been great. I own two and use both daily.

todd b.
United States United States
better than I expected!

Hello, I have been repairing stone chips since 1989...in the beginning I used a tripod and vacuum pump to get the job done....for 10 years I had same set up...then I bought a fiberglass tripod that has a vacuum pump that also did a good job! I discovered Glasweld resin to replenish my supplies,,Glasweld resin does a wonderful job.....after many years of using the tripod systems I discovered the ZOOM system on this website..I knew I needed to upgrade to keep up to date and fresh tools..I was hesitant at first..I watched the videos on this Glasweld website many times to finally convince myself to purchase the Zoom injector.When it arrived I inspected..it felt heavy and good/like a quality tool...I tried many times on practice chips before I went to customer vehicles. This system is great! there is less waste! By that I mean I would set my old tripod up inspect and if it looked good I would place resin in and start a vacuum, then pressure...and many times due to the curve of the glass, the resin would pressure out and spatter all over the windshield...this Zoom system has been so very easy to use and I have never had a "waste" situation as I just described. This system is so easy to set up/vacuum/pressure/cure...and is a lot quicker than the other system I have used.Quicker in the sense that it is fast to pinpoint the chip opening,no adjustment on the tripod,a few quick turns to vacuum,the a few turns to pressure/repeat/cure! I have repaired 20-30 chips with this system and all turned out great! Even the chips I thought were "questionable" repaired/customers loved them! I eventually purchased the curing light/which makes a huge difference compared to my old U.V. lights...I tried the AAA battery UV light, the 2 AA battery UV light, a 12volt lighter supplied light and all those worked "ok" I decided to buy the procure light to use with this Zoom and WOW! what a difference! I wish I would have bought this set up sooner! I returned to this site to buy more amber resin and decided to let everyone who is interested about the Zoom know my experience..