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What’s the difference between a good rock chip repair tech and a great one?
Training. Check out the resources below to learn how to perform safe, professional windshield repairs.

Windshield Repair Quick-Start Guide

Zoom Windshield Repair Process 

How to Use the ProCur Smart Curing Light

How to Use Your ProCur Smart Curing Light

Long Crack Repair

3 Ways to Use The Multipurpose Drill

When a Break Won’t Fill – Windshield Repair Tips

Long Crack Repair: The Wicking Method

How to Repair a Break with Debris 

What causes a windshield repair break to spread?

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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or brand new to windshield repair, GlasWeld’s online certification is for you. Learn the foundations of rock chip repair as well as advanced techniques to help you tackle anything that comes your way. Plus, getting certified boosts your reputation and saves you money on GlasWeld purchases.

Join thousands of fellow techs in taking your repair game to the next level.


GlasWeld hosts ongoing in-person and virtual training sessions for techs looking to get hands-on experience, ask questions, and improve their skills. Check out our upcoming events for more information.

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What do I need for long crack repair?

Long crack repair⁠—the process of fixing cracks longer than six inches⁠—is a great service to offer your customers. In addition to your Zoom injector, you’ll need the following tools.

  • Corner/Edge Extension Tool
  • Crack Expanders (optional)
  • CrackWeld Resin
  • Curing Light (We suggest the FlexCur for long cracks.)

Get the full long crack repair training here.

Why should I become a Certified GlasWeld Tech?

Taking our windshield repair certification course has numerous benefits, but here’s a few:

  • You’ll learn tips and techniques to help you work through even the most challenging repairs.
  • The course is online and you can take it at your own pace anytime, anywhere.
  • After completing the course you’ll be a Certified GlasWeld Technician and receive 15% off all future orders with GlasWeld.

Why is rock-chip resin so important?

Rock-chip resin is the foundation of your repair. If you use a quality resin, you can ensure a long-lasting repair, that will be structurally sound and minimal visibility for your customers.

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