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Headlight Restoration

Foggy headlights not only look bad; they’re also a safety issue. When headlights become fogged, the lights are dimmer. This limits the driver’s vision and compromises the safety of everyone on the road. The good news? With GlasWeld’s professional tools, headlights can be restored back to their original, crystal-clear condition.

Low Startup Cost

With the Gclear professional headlight restoration system, there’s no need to put down a large investment before you start to see profits. Our basic headlight restoration kit includes everything you need to get started and costs just $395.


High Volume

Up to 65% of all cars have foggy headlights. With 272.48 million vehicles on the roads in America alone, that’s 177,112,000 cars that need their headlights restored. When it comes to headlight repair, there’s no shortage of business.


Gclear headlight restoration coating - glasweld

Great Margins

Most headlight repair pros charge around $90-200 per pair of headlights. Once you have the kit, your ongoing cost is about $3 per repair in consumable products used. If the repair takes about 10 minutes and you charge $125, you’ll net $122.


How to restore headlights using Gclear

Step One

PREP the Headlight

Mask off the surface area, apply our PREP rapid headlight restoration spray, and wipe off the oxidation.



How to restore headlights using Gclear

Step Two

SAND off damage

Soak headlight with water and use SAND disks to remove the damaged outer layer.



How to restore headlights using Gclear

Step 3

COAT with GClear

Spray the headlight with isopropyl alcohol and COAT the headlight with our long lasting GCLEAR.



How to restore headlights using Gclear

Step Four

CURE to finish

CURE the headlight using our GClear Headlight Restoration Curing Lamp or with direct sunlight until dry.


Gclear UV curing light - headlight restoration


Products Used:

Headlight Mobile Professional Kit

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Why Gclear?


When a vehicle leaves the manufacturer, its headlights have a UV-cured hard coat on them. Gclear is based on this OE formula, giving your customer the same quality they could expect from a brand new car.


Gclear is different from other headlight repair systems because it is a UV-cured hard coat. During the restoration process, Gclear bonds directly to the polycarbonate. This creates results that last for years (and years).

Simple & Quick

You’re just a few steps away from brand new headlights. First, PREP the headlight. Second, SAND the headlights using SAND Disks. Third, COAT the headlight using GClear Coating. Finally, CURE using uv light or the sun. This easy process takes around 10 minutes per set.

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How is Gclear different from other systems?

Unlike spray-on, sanding-only, or clear coat applications, Gclear is a UV-cured hard coat that bonds directly to the polycarbonate (the material of the headlight).

Most systems create results that look great for a couple months. Gclear, on the other hand, creates results that last for years (and years).

If you’re looking to provide the highest-quality, longest-lasting results for your customers, Gclear is the only choice.

How much can I charge for professional headlight repair?

Most techs charge between $85-200 per repair. This depends on your area and local competition. Before setting your prices, do some research to determine the average cost in your area. Techs that use Gclear normally charge more than the average since the results will last so long.

How long does the process take?

Once you become comfortable with the process, most headlights can be repaired in around 30 minutes. Beginners can expect the process to take around an hour.

Can I make a living doing headlight restoration?

There’s an endless supply of foggy headlights driving around the streets of your town. However, most techs choose to offer headlight restoration in addition to other services, like windshield repair. It’s common for customers to have both foggy headlights and rock chips, so it can make sense to offer both.

How long will the results last?

When applied correctly and cured with the Gclear Curing Lamp, Gclear will keep headlights clear for years.

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