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For long-lasting headlight restoration results, use this Headlight Curing Lamp to cure Gclear coating fully and quickly. The adjustable floor stand allows for changing the height and angle to work with any headlight.


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The sun is great for sunbathing – not curing Gclear. For headlight restoration results that last for years (and years), use this Headlight Curing Lamp to cure Gclear fully and quickly.

Once Gclear has been applied, place the curing light directly in front of the headlight. Adjust the angle and position of the light as needed. It usually takes approximately 5-10 minutes to cure a headlight.

Click here to see the Headlight Curing Lamp in action.

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Training Videos

Gclear Overview

Headlight Restoration Training

Why Headlight Restoration

Why do headlights fog?

How to Restore Headlights

Step One

Remove the Coating

Using the orbital sander, sanding disks, and water bottle, remove all of the current headlight coating.


headlight restoration tools - orbital sander


How to Restore Headlights

Step Two

Coat the Headlight

Apply Gclear coating evenly on the entire headlight.


Gclear headlight restoration coating


How to Restore Headlights

Step Three

Cure the Coating

Use the UV curing lamp to fully cure the coating.


Gclear UV curing light - headlight restoration


How to Restore Headlights

Gclear Demo

See It in Action

See the headlight restoration process from beginning to end.



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Private: Professional Headlight Restoration Kit

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