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GlasWeld windshield repair kit are designed for every level of windshield repair technician and any budget. Just choose the injector you prefer (the Zoom or ecoVac™) and the level of kit you need.

All GlasWeld injectors come with a lifetime warranty.

  • Patented and patent-pending injectors that sustain a full vacuum while injecting resin and eliminate over tightening.

  • Superior tinted resin selection for higher quality, better-looking repairs.

  • Patented LED curing lights. Super-fast LED curing lights that never require bulb changes and can cure under pressure.

  • A comprehensive training program. DVD, certification and on-site training.

Highest Rated Windshield Repair Kit

Zoom Essential Kit

Are you adding windshield repair kit on a tight budget but want great equipment? Do you plan on doing simple rock chip breaks (bullseyes, combos, star breaks) in a shop setting? This kit can be the right choice for you. It comes with enough supplies for up to 100 repairs and a choice of injectors. The Essential System includes the CurLite. The Essential Plus Kit includes the ProCur+ LED UV Curing Light which can reduce repair time by as much as 5 minutes per repair!
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Zoom Professional Kit

A best seller! This windshield repair kit allows for mobile repairs, long cracks, edge and corners repairs and contains the ProCur+ LED UV Curing Light which can reduce repair time by as much as 5 minutes per repair! Plus, it comes with enough initial supplies for up to 250 repairs in a ballistics grade case to protect your investment.
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Zoom Professional Elite Kit

Want to be able to address any repair, do it quickly and have enough supplies for up to 450 repairs and an additional 100+ long crack repairs? This windshield repair kit includes the ProCur+ LED UV Curing Light for substantial time savings, supplies for 4x the repairs of our other kits, and accessories for virtually any situation.
Add an additional injector to your rock chip repair kit—allowing you to do multiple repairs at once.
If you are ready to invest in everything you need to be a true glass rock chip repair pro, these kit’s are the perfect choice for you!
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“The new Zoom windshield repair kit are fantastic! We could not be more pleased with the quality and simplicity of using these! We have had numerous compliments from customers already, and our technicians are experiencing a noticeable difference in quality over the Delta kits! On top of all that, they look super cool.”Patrick McKernan, President of American Mobile Glass, NJ .

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