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Gforce Max Resources

Basic Technique

Basic Technique is a distortion-free process that allows you to remove most scratches in just minutes. It’s great for repairing light-to-medium scratches caused by handling, transportation, glass-on-glass rubs, razor blades, light sand paper, and windshield wipers.

Quick Start Glass Scratch Removal Training

Easy Scratch Removal for Auto Glass Techs

Glass Scratch Removal in 60 Seconds

Meet the Max

How to Remove a Wiper Scratch on a Windshield

Advanced Technique

Advanced Technique uses microabrasive disks to remove medium-to-heavy scratches caused by graffiti, carbide scribes, welding, logos, heavy sand paper, and masonry. Because the process can cause minor distortion, this technique is intended for repairing significant damage where glass has been lost. Always master Basic Technique before attempting Advanced Technique.

Advanced Technique Scratch Removal Training

Introducing Microforce

Microforce Logo Removal

Redefining Deep Scratch Removal


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