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GlasWeld Professional Glass Repair Tools and Supplies for Windshield Repair, Glass Scratch Removal, and Headlight Restoration

GlasWeld has been an industry leader for over 30 years.  We excel in building the best tools and supplies that fit your needs like our Windshield Repair Tools, Glass Scratch Removal tools, and Headlight Restoration coatings and tools.  Our customer service and training is the best in the industry. Feel free to look around and discover how Glasweld keeps professionals Reflecting Excellence in Glass Repair.


GlasWeld Professional Glass Repair ToolsDiscover GlasWeld Windshield Repair Tools and kits for all repair needs. Only GlasWeld’s patented injectors are capable of sustaining a vacuum while injecting resin. This leads to superior results in your windshield repair. And this means happy customers.

Also check out our line-up of UV Curing lights, especially our new LED curing lights, where you never have to change a bulb and cures can happen in half the time.  

GlasWeld Professional Glass Repair ToolsDiscover how GlasWeld’s patented Gforce system produces Glass Scratch Removal with minimal distortion.  Our glass scratch removal tools can remove the harshest damage from all types of glass. See why high profile clients choose GlasWeld for flat glass repair products and training.

And check out our glass graffiti solutions – where extreme glass damage can be repaired and prevented.  

GlasWeld Professional Glass Repair ToolsDiscover Headlight Restoration in a simple three-step process: Clear, Coat and Cure. The UV Hard Coat exceeds Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards and comes in an easy wipe-on application that will give beautiful results that can last for years.

Actually, the results are gorgeous.  

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