Windshield Repair Training

At GlasWeld we believe that your success is about more than just great equipment. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting started, our team is dedicated to providing you the resources, training, and support that you need to stay on top!

Zoom Training – English

Prepping and Cleaning
Long Crack Repair
Basic Training
Repairing a Double Break
Corner/Edge Extension
Moisture Removal

GlasWeld has a certification program to help you become a pro.

Standardize Your Training.
Increase Your Skill.


Zoom Training – Spanish

Limpieza & Preparación
Capacitación Basica
Reparación de Estrellas
Evaporación de Humedad
Usando la Extension de Esquinas
Reparación de Grietas Largas

ecoVac Training

Completing a Basic Repair
Resin Selection
Repairing a Bulls-eye with the ecoVac
Repairing a Star Break with the ecoVac
Repairing damage with a Large Pit
ecoVac Maintenance

G3 Training

Intro to G3 Training
Completing a Basic Repair

Additional Windshield Repair Training

These videos will show you various maintenance and other good-to-know information
Resin Selection
Changing the bulb in the ProCur
Long Crack Repair (Advanced)
Flexing (Advanced)