The Headlight Coating Can Make All The Difference.

  • Gclear Headlight Coating features an OEM UV coating that is applied using our wipe-on method. The headlight coating then cures and bonds to the lens with help from a UV frequency matched curing lamp

  • Gclear Headlight Coating can even cure in natural sunlight

  • Gclear Headlight Coating lasts for years because it prevents light from the sun from breaking down the coating

Tips for coating successfully

  • Shake the Headlight Coating bottle well before using. The photo-initiators need to be mixed up so a strong, even coating occurs

  • Store at room temperature

  • Store out of the sun

  • If you apply the coating outside, do it out of sunlight as this can start the curing process before you are ready

  • Also, for outside, apply the coating in an area free of wind. Blowing dirt/dust can embed into the un-cured coating