Inspiring women entrepreneurs to consider starting a windshield repair business.


Inspiring women in the auto glass industry to expand their skill set.


Encouraging auto glass decision makers to consider hiring more female techs.

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This new program will serve as a platform to assist in establishing woman-owned small businesses and promote hiring of more female technicians within the glass repair industry. It is designed to inspire and support female technicians through competition sponsorship, mentoring, and hands-on training as well as operational and business support for women interested in entering the field.

To highlight this initiative, GlasWeld has sponsored female techs from all over the country to compete in the upcoming Auto Glass Repair Competition in San Antonio, Texas.

We believe that female repair techs can compete on the highest level, not just in a windshield repair competition, but in business in general.



Why You Need To Hire Women For Rock Chip Repair

  • Confidence & Efficiency

    Studies in 17 different countries in all different industries found that across the board, having a larger number of women on a team accounts for greater team confidence and efficiency

  • Lower Turnover Rate

    Gallup found that companies with more diversity on staff have a 22% lower turnover rate, and if an organization has a more inclusive culture that embraces women, it’s easier to recruit a more diverse staff.

  • Attention To Detail

    Scientific research at the University of Pennsylvania on brain connectivity shows that women have greater capacity for analysis and show more attention to detail.

What I love about the auto glass industry is that you’re never in the same spot. Every day we are out and about, meeting new people, driving to different places, different vehicles all the time, so it definitely keeps the job interesting!Brooke Lange -

Windshield Repaira great business opportunity for female entrepreneurs.

It offers incredible margins, with minimal upfront investment, scheduling flexibility, and very little overhead. Those interested in learning more details about the program are encouraged to contact GlasWeld.

As a mother of three girls… having my own windshield repair company would be such a blessing for our family.Suzanne Allan -

What are your goals?

No matter how big or small, we believe you can reach them. Whether it’s spending time with family, traveling to new places, earning additional income or simply a career on your own terms, you can break through boundaries and be in control … of you. GlasWeld can help you achieve it!

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