Single Cut Windshield Replacement System

Not all windshield replacement tools are created equal. Some have that special feel that just cries out “quality.” The GlasWeld Single Cut Windshield Replacement tool just feels like quality. Not only that, it can perform replacements in half the time of traditional windshield replacement tools. Quality and speed in a single tool? No — Quality and Speed in a Single Cut Tool.

GlasWeld Single Cut Glass Removal Tool

It is simply “GlasWeld”

When you pick up the Single Cut Tool for the first time you will recognize the build quality that GlasWeld is famous for. This is a tool that is just begging to be used. And if time is money to you, then this tool delivers the goods. So it is fast? Yes. It is built tough? Yes. And it has the famous GlasWeld support firmly behind it. If you have any questions, get them answered here: 800.321.2597

  • Anodized Aluminum – Won’t crack under tension
  • Stainless Steel Geared Drive – for longevity and pulling power
  • Low Profile Tension Wheel reduces potential damage to vehicle
  • One Year Warranty – 100% of tool covered
  • Much safer than traditional replacement tools

The Single Cut Tool

The tool itself is built of high-grade aluminum that has a particular heft and strength behind it. But it doesn’t feel bulky or unwieldy. It securely attaches to the windshield to perform the replacement in record time.

The System

Along with the Single Cut Tool, there are other options that will make replacement simpler. The high-grade Single Cut Line that gives you as many as 25 replacements in a single spool. The Counter Holder, Feed Tool, and Guards — all of these tools give you the ability to perform professional replacements in record time and with little chance for breakage.

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