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Windshield Repair Kit Resin matters. GlasWeld’s windshield repair kit resin has been proven to be stronger and provide better-looking rock chip repairs than any other. We also offer specialized tints and viscosities for any repair and any climate.

GlasWeld’s premium resins are:

• Scientifically formulated for clear results as well as quality and strength.
• Independently tested to meet and exceed national and international industry standards, including ANSI (American National Standards Institute), NWRA (National Windshield Repair Association), BSI (British Standards Institution), and AS/NZS (Australia/New Zealand Standards).
• Formulated to match different environment and rock chip combinations perfectly.
• Developed to work best with components of all GlasWeld windshield repair kit.
• Available in a variety of colors and viscosities for every kind of damage.
• Works best with GlasWeld curing lights.

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GlasWeld Resin

Every one of GlasWeld’s windshield repair resins has been independently tested for strength and color stability.

Did you know? GlasWeld invented tinted windshield repair resins.



All Weather Resin (2010) – Thin Viscosity

This is our best all-around resin. Ideal for cold to warm climates. This quality resin fills quickly and will not yellow or crack over time. It has the same refractive index as windshield glass providing superior optical clarity.

Warm Weather Resin (2020) – Medium Viscosity

This is the ideal warm to hot weather resin. It has excellent strength and longevity. It will reduce the chance of flowering on very hot days.

Long Crack Resin – Crackweld 1000 and 2000

CrackWeld resins are specifically formulated for repairing long cracks over 6 inches. Our new and improved formula includes a grey tint that helps to hide long cracks better than ever before. CrackWeld 1000 is a thin resin ideal for very tight cracks and moderate climates. CrackWeld 2000 is a thicker resin designed to resist large temperature swings and more extreme environments. Both resins provide excellent moisture resistance to seal surface cracks and give the best adhesion and elasticity properties.

Clear Tint Resin

Clear Tint has superior adhesion, tensile strength, and resists cracking and yellowing better than other clear resins.

Amber Tint Resin

Amber Tint reduces light refraction in breaks that have cracks or crushed glass, such as combination or star breaks.

Gray Tint Resin

Gray Tint was designed specifically to hide reflectivity in star breaks. Ideal for breaks and cracks under 6 inches.

Green Tint Resin

Green Tint is used for the green shaded band at the top of some windshields. It also works well on rock chip combination breaks and bulls-eyes.

This chart shows you what damage our resins are capable of repairing and what conditions to use them under.

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