G3 ProVac

G3 ProVac Injector

The G3 ProVac Windshield Repair Injector was developed to give you the results you need no matter the weather. It has been designed for professional glass repair technicians.

This injector is the first to combine resin encapsulation, moisture removal and our patented ProVac™ technology to remove air and moisture from windshield damage before injecting resin.


The G3 ProVac™ injector gives you the ability to provide stronger, permanent windshield repairs—in any climate or situation.

  • Removes air and moisture from damage and PVB interlayer (laminate)
  • Self-contained; no external pumps or hoses
  • Injects resin without air or moisture contamination
  • Stainless steel; designed to work for a lifetime
  • Allows for repair in almost any weather condition
  • ProVac technology is the ONLY technology that maintains a full vacuum during the entire repair process – all vacuum and pressure cycles


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How the G3 ProVac™ Injector is different…


The culmination of years of research, design and testing, the G3 injector utilizes resin isolation technology to remove both air and moisture from the break in one simple step, making your repair times lightning fast.

Works with both the Standard Curing Lamp and the ProCur Curing Lamps.