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Why do curing lights matter?

To avoid repair failure, complete curing of the resin is very important. The resin needs to be exposed to UV light at a particular wavelength and intensity and cured under resin pressure to avoid shrinkage. GlasWeld manufactures the fastest and most effective windshield repair curing lights on the market. Whether you are a long-time pro or just beginning, GlasWeld has a curing light for your needs.


ProCur+™ LED UV Curing Light

Our fastest curing light ever at an incredibly low price point! ProCur+  gives a 360º cure in less than one minute. It also features a built in visual timing logo. Simply press the button and the logo pulses until the curing is complete.

  • Patent-pending 360º cure in less than one minute.   procurplus_white_1s
  • More LED curing power than ever.
  • Built-in pulsing logo timer!
  • New lighter weight composite housing!
  • LED technology lasts 10,000+ hours.
  • Our least expensive ProCur ever!
  • No bulbs to change!
  • Electronic circuitry — no ballast
  • Accepts input from 10 to 30 volts DC
  • Produces stronger, better looking repairs
  • Fits all GlasWeld injectors.
  • Saves up to five minutes per repair: which adds up to a savings of more than one hour per day for the average technician

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CurALL™ LED UV Curing Light

  • Versatile. Cures all types of breaks and cracks.
  • Quicker. Powerful LEDs cure twice as fast as standard UV lamps.
  • Efficient. Never change a bulb again — 10,000+ hours of life!
  • Lightweight. Electronic circuitry, no heavy ballast.
  • Durable. Machined aluminum housing.
  • Easy connect. Removable 10′ cord accepts 10-30 volts DC.

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windshield repair curing

CurLite™ LED UV Curing Light

Easy and portable curing.
This battery-operated spot curing light utilizes LED technology to emit an intense ultraviolet wave pattern at just the right frequency for curing resin. Cures repairs in 3-4 minutes.

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