Tools for your Business

The Best Tools for your Business

Are you a professional glass repair technician? We make the best tools for you. And if you repair headlights (technically, not glass) it’s the same deal – the best tools for the job.


This is not a repair tool

Search the internet for headlight repair tools and you may find this (on left). This is, apparently, what passes as a “repair” “tool” nowadays.  Makes one wonder if the good folks that created this bug spray ever thought it could actually be used for car repair. Probably not.

If you want to do any kind of car repair, it only makes sense to have the proper tools. Every industry has tools. But the best technicians use the best tools.  Unlike home remedies…



…we design and build real tools for professional technicians#windshieldrepair

With millions of vehicles on the road and increasing glass applications in automotive and architectural design, there are unlimited opportunities for you to show your expertise in windshield repair, glass scratch removal, and headlight repair – everywhere you look.

#windshieldrepairtoolsIf using the best tools sounds good to you, take a look at our shop and browse all of our repair products. There is something for every budget. And no matter the product you purchase, we will stand behind it with the best warranties in the business and the best customer support and training you can find.


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