Fast. Proven. Effective Results.

Fast. Proven. Effective Results.

Industry Leading

Our portable system uses a one-step process to remove glass damage faster and more efficiently than any other system. Customers tell us they can remove typical glass damage up to five times faster with Gforce and with no visible distortion. Our system also can be used for deep scratches. With the addition of Microforce, you can remove deep scratches fast and with flawless results.

No Visible Distortion

All of the Gforce components (polishing machine, pads and chemical compounds) work together to produce amazing results. GlasWeld one-step scratch removal systems have been independently tested and proven to deliver distortion-free results.


Save Time

From mishandling and production issues to regular use… scratched glass happens. Every day, glass professionals, window and door companies, contractors and distributors worldwide rely on our equipment, expertise and consulting to remove scratches from glass. Gforce saves glass, time and money.

Superior Results

Gforce equipment removes all types of scratches, water scale and spots, acid etching, welding splatter and other imperfections from all kinds of glass including tempered, annealed, laminated (windshields and hurricane glass), Low-E, bulletproof and even curved glass and mirrors. Leaving a superior, like-new finish.

Glass Scratch Removal – Common Applications

Glass Scratch Removal – Common Applications


When glass is fabricated, tempered, insulated, or laminated and then prepared for shipping, the chances of scratches increase. Instead of tossing the damaged glass out, you can quickly and efficiently remove light and deep scratches, reduce waste and downtime which will directly contribute to the bottom line. That is why more than half of all the major glass processors window manufacturers world-wide choose Gforce.

From single-story strip malls to hi-rise office buildings, Gforce has been used everywhere in the world. Once glass has been shipped and installed, there are numerous ways glass can be damaged. Do you want re-order, rip out the glass, remove the trim, reinstall the glass, and re-paint? Sounds costly and time-consuming, doesn’t it?

Instead, use Gforce to eliminate this cycle of waste.


We can’t forget the glass used in cars, trucks, and buses. Automotive Glass can get scratched during manufacturing, distribution, shipping or installation. Gforce will remove these scratches without distortion. The system is so efficient that nearly all OEM manufacturers and distributors of windshields use it to remove scratches that occur in the manufacturing and/or shipping process. It will even remove unsightly scratches cause by old wiper blades and dirty window tracks.


Windows, doors, shower enclosures—all of these locations are exposed to scratch damage throughout the building or remodeling process. Sure, it might seem cheaper to simply throw away the old window and start over. It isn’t. It costs you time—and any builder will tell you that time equals money. Remove the scratches that occur during the building process quickly and easily. You’ll wonder why you thought starting over was better.

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Deep Scratch Removal

Deep scratch removal just got a lot easier and a whole lot faster. Introducing Microforce, when you add Microforce to your Gforce System, you add the ability to remove even severe scratches. Thanks to our unique micro abrasives and our built-in cushioned backing, you can remove deep scratches faster than ever, and with flawless results.

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“We got some of these Microforce disks in and tried them out. They work really well, especially on parts with deep scratches. Best thing is, it is quick too. On the deep scratches, it takes what can be a 45 minute job down to about 10.”Phil T.

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