Introducing the future of Windshield Repair…
The ProVac Zoom!

ProVac Zoom™ Injector

The new ProVac Zoom features the patent pending Z-Mount technology which is incredibly fast and easy to use. Z-Mount technology also solves a common problem that all other systems have, over tightening against the glass.

  • Fastest system in the world. Z-Mount allows for a perfect seal almost instantly
  • Easiest to use, no external moving parts (no cam lock, or set screw), no guess work. Virtually impossible to over tighten
  • Our strongest and quickest vacuum, 15% Stronger than the G3 and 30% stronger than the ecoVac. Full vacuum achieved in only 3 turns!
  • Stainless steel with a lifetime warranty
  • Uses ProVac technology. The ONLY technology that maintains a full vacuum during the entire repair process — all vacuum and pressure cycles
  • Fully adjustable for all types and areas of the windshield
  • New style seal reduces flowering
  • Uses 4-6 drops of resin
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