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Why windshield repair training is important

Windshield repair training is invaluable. Much of this training comes on-the-job. However, watching the process and learning the background information is a great way to start. GlasWeld has a certification program to help you become a pro..
Also, check out our NEW ZOOM training programs below.  And bookmark this page so you can check back for the latest training.

Zoom Training – Intro

These videos get you started on the use of the ProVac Zoom

Cleaning & Prepping 

zoom_standBasic Training

Star Break  Repair
Moisture  Evaporation
Using the Corner/Edge Extension
Long Crack Repair 

Zoom Training – Spanish

Limpieza & Preparación 

Capacitación  Basica 
Reparación de Estrellas
Evaporación de Humedad 
Usando  la  Extension de  Esquinas  
Reparación de  Grietas Largas 


ecoVac Training

Windshield Repair using the ecoVac Injector

Completing a Basic Repair
Resin Selection
How To – Repairing a Bulls-eye with the ecoVac
 How To – Repairing a Star Break with the ecoVac
 How To – Repairing damage with a Large Pit



G3 Training – Intro

These videos get you started on the use of the G3 ProVac

Intro to G3 Training
Completing a Basic Repair



More Windshield Repair Training Resources

These videos will show you various maintenance and other good-to-know information
Resin Selection

gfusion training

Changing the bulb in the ProCur
Long Crack Repair (Advanced)
Flexing (Advanced)
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