Gforce Scratch Removal Training

Training is the single most important step you can take on your way to becoming a glass repair technician.

Gforce Introduction

These videos will familiarize you with the Gforce product lines

Polishing Demonstration
Introducing Gforce
Microforce Deep Scratch Removal

Basic Scratch Removal

These videos will show you how to perform basic glass scratch removal – light to medium damage

Polishing Demonstration
Repairing Basic Scratch Damage
Identifying Damage
3 Keys To Success
Maintaining Your Polishing Machine

Microforce Deep Scratch Removal

Microforce Deep Scratch Training
Logo Removal

Advanced Scratch Removal

Splatter Damage

Splatter damage is caused from welding splattering small metal fragments into the glass.  This module describes the best way to remove this material.

Repairing Damage To Mirrors

Shows how to successfully remove scratches from mirrors.  This module uses the Gforce2 but it can be done with any Gforce system.