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Gforce™ is glass scratch removal.

There is a system for every need and budget. Whether you are a manufacturer, construction company, or an end-user, Gforce will work for you.

Gforce Scratch Removal Systems
Gforce is the original glass scratch removal system designed by GlasWeld to quickly and effectively remove damage from glass with little-to-no distortion. This portable system works on all types of glass and is easy to use. Choose from the Essentials, Standard or Professional series.

Gforce2 Scratch Removal Systems
We’ve taken the best elements of our Gforce Glass Scratch Removal System and made it even better by adding a center water feed system.  This system allows for pinpoint accuracy and control enabling you to get into tight edges and corners. And with the ergonomic redesign of the center water feed, you can work longer on more difficult glass damage with reduced fatigue. This system is available in the Essentials or Professional series.

Gforce Abrading Modules
Abrading is the removing of glass. Why abrade glass? Sometimes the scratches are just too deep, like graffiti damage. Gforce Abrading Modules give you the ability to upgrade your Gforce System to remove scratches from almost any type of damage – simple glass rubs to heavy graffiti with minimal distortion.

Anti-Graffiti Film
Used in conjunction with the Gforce2 System or the Gforce Abrading Modules, this proprietary anti-graffiti film dries over the opaque abraded glass and will return to the clarity of a new window. Not only do you save time and money repairing the glass, but the window is protected from future damage.




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