Advanced Scratch Removal

Microforce Gives You Unprecedented Quality At An Unbelievable Price

With our commitment to innovation, we have spent a great deal of time, research, and development in creating these disks. We believe our disks are the longest lasting, easiest to use, fastest, and most efficient deep scratch removal disk in the industry.

Throughout our testing phase, we have had some incredible testimonials. In fact, our test group saved an average of two labor hours per day by merely switching to Microforce.

With Microforce, we set out to redefine deep scratch removal. We think we did it, and that is why we are giving you and your technicians first-hand experience with these new disks to discover the Microforce difference.

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2 Inch Disk

3 Inch Disk

5 Inch Disk

 Advanced Deep Scratch Removal

Medium Scratch Removal – 3 Step Process

Step 1  – 360 Grit

Step 2 – 1000 Grit

Step 3  – Polish

Heavy Scratch Removal – 3 Step Process

Step 1  – 180 Grit

Step 2 – 500 Grit

Step 3  – Polish