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GlasWeld Customer for years.

The new Zoom Windshield Repair Kits are fantastic! We could not be more pleased with the quality and simplicity of using these! We have had numerous compliments from customers already, and our technicians are experiencing a noticeable difference in quality over the Delta kits! On top of all that, they look super cool.”
“…recently a client called me and asked for a ‘sheet of paper saying I  was trained’.  That’s not the way to offer a high quality service.  If you want to be the best,  a ‘sheet of paper’ is not enough.  You need to demonstrate your knowledge and ability.  About one year ago, I was certified and tested at the main office of GlasWeld in Bend Oregon.  It was the best investment that I’ve ever made!”
Oliver Nuñez Lonconao—commenting on GlasWeld Training
“I paid for my entire GlasWeld Gforce Scratch Removal Kit in my very first job!”
Daniel Darmody—Windshield Wizard
“Your technology potentially saved over $10,000 in glass that might have been thrown away. Thanks again for developing such an outstanding product and process.”
Robert Clarke, President—Alpen, Inc. regarding a scratch removal job at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.
“Since purchasing GlasWeld’s Gforce Glass Scratch Removal Kit two and a half weeks ago we have removed defects (scratches, rub marks, etc.) in more than 12 pieces of glass. This allowed us to maintain our delivery dates to our customers without reordering glass. I’m very satisfied with our purchase and look forward to using it for many years to come.”
Scott Bronson, Vice President, AGM Naples, Inc.
“Out of all the options on the market, GlasWeld’s Gforce Glass Scratch Removal Kit was definitely the right choice. Not only was the polishing machine everything that GlasWeld said it was, but the entire kit was well thought out and intelligently put together. The system paid for itself on the first set of scratches and now everything I use it for is profit. I’m glad I bought Gforce.”
Mark Singleton —Desert Star Glass Interiors
“We recently purchased GlasWeld’s Gforce Glass Scratch Removal Kit, and were very impressed with the high level of knowledge displayed by GlasWeld staff. Our customer service representative was extremely well-informed on the Gforce and I was surprised at how much he knew about the competition as well. The follow up service and training assistance we received after our purchase was also exceptional. GlasWeld staff has made me feel as though I was their number one customer. We look forward to doing more business with GlasWeld in the future.”
Tray Carter—M & W Glass Company
“Over the years the cars in the Bay Area Transit System (B.A.R.T.) trains have built up grime on the windshields that we were unsuccessful in trying to remove. We tried off the shelf products as well as some commercial products that could not do an effective job. When we finally discovered GlasWeld’s Gforce Scratch Removal Kit, we were amazed at the outcome. Our maintenance department is now setting up a program to use Gforce on all 289 cars in our fleet to give our train operators an unobstructed and clear view as well as improving the appearance of our cars.”
Richard Burr, Superintendent—Bay Area Rapid Transit
“I would like to express to you and your company how pleased we are with your product. We have used your system for over a year and have found it not only to save money, but also time. We save on average $150.00 per window repair and many hours of labor, not to mention the preventative maintenance cost we have saved. Thank you for your constant support when I need it. I will continue to recommend your system to anyone that is having issues with the high cost of replacing windows.”
Jobe Jones, Director of Maintenance—Chino Unified School District, Chino, California
“GlasWeld is a hands-on partner with our company. When we had our corporate open house, they sent a representative that was very helpful in making our program a success. It means a lot to us at Mygrant Glass to have a vendor that takes an active interest in developing a two-way partnership.”
Frank Vargas—Mygrant Glass
“GlasWeld has allowed us to save significant amount of glass that in the past we would have thrown out. Annually, they save us a minimum of $30,000 in this regard.”
Ed Perry—American Shower Door
“Our technicians are using Gforce everyday since August 2006 to remove damage and saved more than 4,000 until now, mainly most expensive, imported glass and are saving the company a lot of money. It took a bit of practice to learn to use the system, but now they are ‘experts’ at following the GlasWeld method for polishing glass. Thank you to GlasWeld for all the technical support and customer service we have received.”
Luis Fernando De Martino—Carglass, Brazil
“I am delighted to report that most of my investment in the scratch removal system purchased from GlasWeld was recuperated in the first week and a half. As a businessman, I can tell you that is virtually unheard of with any business investment.”
Brent Taylor, President —Autoglass Plus