RV? Semi truck? How do I repair a vertical glass windshield?

How do I address repairing a vertical windshield? Let’s say it’s a recreational vehicle, semi-truck, or maybe even the sidelight of a vehicle where the injector needs to be pretty much horizontal to the glass on a vertical piece of glass? 

The first thing to understand with vertical glass windshield repair is that to achieve the proper vacuum and resin pressure; you need to have a slight downward angle to the glass. This downward angle allows the resin to flow correctly into the break as well as the vacuum to achieve the proper suction to clean the break of moisture and liquid needed for a high-quality repair. So it is critical to first get the correct angle to for your injector.

With the tripod stand design, you’ve got the ability in vertical glass scenarios to adjust the suction cup depth. By threading the lower suction cups out, you are able to adjust the pitch of your injector, therefore allowing you to get a proper vacuum and do the repair. That’s the simplest way to address vertical glass using any of our windshield repair injectors. Now, in particular, this works well with the new ProVac Zoom because it has a thicker and softer seal, which helps to compensate a little bit for that extra angle. You may want an additional click when working on a vertical glass, just to make sure you have a proper seal on the glass, before your vacuum and injection cycles. 

Beyond that, GlasWeld does offer an adapter that goes between the injector and the glass itself, and that adapter has a slight taper to it which can help to provide an additional tilt. You could use this in conjunction with kicking out the suction cup or instead of that. We’ve got several options for you but really, repairing vertical glass with a ProVac Zoom or with any of our windshield repair injectors should be no problem if you follow those steps.

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