How long will it take to recoup my initial investment for a GlasWeld windshield repair kit?

How long will it take me to recoup my initial investment if I buy a professional glass windshield repair kit?

Let’s take a look at a conservative scenario for windshield repair. Generally speaking, most windshield repair technicians in the US market, on the low end, charge $45 per repair for retail repair work. That’s what you would Bill to your customer or that the insurance company would pay in a worst case scenario in a retail environment. With our Zoom Essential kit, which is our entry-level windshield repair kit, a package that includes our latest technology. You would only need 14 repairs to pay for your initial investment.

In many markets, the going rate for retail work can be much higher than this rate, but even on the very low end, 14 repairs will recoup your initial investment. In addition to that, our essential kit comes with initial supplies for over 100 repairs. Leaving you with plenty of supplies to not only recoup your investment but turn a substantial profit on your initial purchase. On the flip side of that, if you were to invest in the zoom pro elite kit, with enough supplies to do four to six hundred repairs. In that scenario, it would take you about 38 to 39 repairs to completely recoup your initial investment.

In either case, the return on investment can be quite quick. A seasoned windshield repair technician with established customers and routes may do 10, 15, or even more repairs per day. Which is why when you factor in the speed, technology, and quality of repair our windshield repair kits provide, it makes the initial investment that much more beneficial to your business.

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