How to price your glass scratch removal services

Another very common question we get about the Gforce glass scratch removal system is how much should I charge for glass scratch removal?

If you’re asking that question, it’s likely that you’re doing work for a job site, a construction company, or maybe you’re a glass shop wanting to offer glass scratch removal services to your customers. Generally speaking, you want to set a minimum fee that will cover up to one hour worth of work once you arrive at the job. That should cover you whether it’s one single scratch or a couple of small scratches. By doing that and having an hourly rate beyond your minimum fee, that covers you for situations where the customer might call you and tell you “hey I’ve got one glass scratch” only to arrive at the job site and there are fifteen scratches. Yes, you would want to be able to be flexible on those types of scenarios.

Our suggestion is somewhere between 65 and 150 dollars per hour, with a minimum fee. Many glass scratch removal technicians charge $100-$125 for their minimum fee and then have an hourly rate that’s comparable to that or maybe slightly less for any additional hours. Generally speaking, this will help you to avoid situations where you go all the way out to the job site for some inexpensive piece of glass, and you have to spend two hours on it to remove one scratch.

Having an hourly rate will be appropriate and will help prepare your customers for what’s involved in doing extensive glass scratch restoration if that were to become the case. There might be some cases where you would bid on a job, let’s say you’re looking at a large installed piece of glass. You can see the scratch clearly; there are one or two visible scratches. You know exactly how long it’s going to take you to remove the damage, exactly what’s involved, and those may be situations where you would bid the job in advance at a specific price.

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