How does Gclear OE grade headlight coating work?

How does the Gclear OE grade coating work? What is the chemistry behind it?

Simply put, Gclear headlight restoration coating is based on an OE formula. When a vehicle leaves the manufacturer, it does so with a similar UV cured hard coat. We have adapted that formula to make it more user-friendly in the field. Gclear provides a wipe on solution that once it’s UV cured, bonds to the polycarbonate itself, providing a tremendous amount of abrasion resistance.

It will pass all the pull tests that are done on the OE side as well. Typically they cut a small square in the cured coating, and then they perform a series of pull tests on it to verify strength. Gclear passes those tests just fine, and of course, the abrasion tests are used typically using 0000 steel wool.

Gclear coating is built to essentially replace the original manufacturer formula that was on the lens, which eventually over time broke down.

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