How much should I charge for professional headlight restoration?

How much should I charge my customers for a professional headlight restoration service?

Well, the answer is somewhere between $65 and about $165. I know those are two drastic extremes but of course, every market is different, so it’s important to understand your local market and what your competitors are charging and also factoring in the level of service and quality of restoration that you’re offering. Generally speaking, on the high end would be in a high-end collision shop or dealership setting and the low end might be more of a mobile environment, wholesale type of account. Most technicians will fall somewhere in between that $65 to $165 range for a set.

Now you also might consider having a single headlight price. Many headlights, many vehicles, are repaired by a body shop, and the insurance company will only pay to replace the effected headlight. So you end up with one clear headlight and one yellow headlight. In those cases, you might find customers that want to restore just one side, so consider having a single headlight price as well. However, you would want to factor in the setup time to do one headlight versus two headlights is pretty close to the same. So the actual real labor time that you would have invested would be minimally different. So you might want to have a price that’s just slightly less than your set price to accommodate those particular customers.

The other thing to consider is bundling the service with other services that you provide. If you’re a detailer who has a bundle of different services for the customer and you are offering a warranty. Or if you’re a car wash or you do windshield repair, windshield replacement, or window tinting; offering a discounted rate for those customers who have reached your shop already, or they’re already in for another service, you can provide this service simultaneously. That’s definitely something to factor in when setting your price for a professional-grade, long-lasting, high-quality headlight restoration service.

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