What windshield repair training does GlasWeld provide?

Well, the first thing is our QuickStart guide, included in every kit. Its laminated information that shows exactly how to accomplish a proper repair, with with images and instructions. In addition to familiarizing you with the standards here in the US market.

In addition to that, you’ll get a DVD which will have all of the videos which you can watch at home or on your computer. You’ll also have access to our online training, which is available at GlasWeld.com. Feel free to preview that even before you purchase your kit.

In addition to that, we offer monthly free in-house training once a month up in our beautiful location in Bend Oregon, so if you feel like traveling to the beautiful Bend Oregon and getting some hands-on expert windshield repair training, we invite you to do so.

In addition to that, we occasionally offer traveling classes around some of the trade shows and such where we may provide some hands-on training, so keep an eye out for that on Facebook and other places where we present news.

Besides that though we offer two things that are unique in our industry. We provide a two-tiered certification platform. Our certification platform provides exclusive access to in-depth HD video training. Which is an all-encompassing windshield repair course encompassing everything from understanding the business, repairing complex types of breaks, billing insurance companies, understanding ADAS calibration, and more. You’ll then test your knowledge across various modules resulting in a pass or fail grade at the end. At that point, if you pass, you’ll become a GlasWeld certified technician.

Now we also have a second GlasWeld Certified Master Technician tier, and that means that you’ve not only passed the knowledge portion but a practical portion. In this phase, we ship you a small piece of glass and a pop-up stand, which is bar-coded specifically to you as a technician. It’ll have four breaks in it which you’ll have to repair. Upon completion, we will scan your repairs and provide you detailed feedback and a report card on your repair quality. Upon passing, you will then be a GlasWeld Certified Master Technician.

We offer more training options than virtually any other manufacturer on the market, and we do it to ensure that you have the proper tools for success.

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  1. Good evening I’ve got a pro vac zoom and I’ve begun to struggle with star breaks,and combinations,I don’t if it’s the wrong resin or just impatience,I cannot seem to get the legs to fill,I often find that the zoom tends to leek when I inject ,
    Do you have any videos or tips ,

    1. Hi Andrew,

      The first thing I would recommend doing is going through our brand new repair process training video located here: https://youtu.be/x6-d9Z3KfKA

      After that, there are a couple things that could be causing the issues.

      1. To address the legs filling, on tight star breaks especially, using a cork on the inside of the glass to rub behind the break while under resin pressure can assist in allowing the resin to flow. It’s a tip we give in the training video but has had break success for many technicians. Beyond that, it is just patience and allowing the injector to work.

      2. For leaking when you inject, be sure to not raise the resin to the tip of the white seal, instead have the resin as the bottom of the lower seal so that when you press it against the glass it doesn’t leak. Then be sure you have enough pressure or enough clicks prior to injecting the resin. You want to push down till you start to feel resistance. The new zoom outer white seal is much thicker than our prior injector seals and this allows for a decent amount of pressure to be applied without damaging the break.

      These are all covered in detail in our training video which I linked above. Go through that and it should hopefully address any issues you have experience, beyond that feel free to contact our trained and certified experts at 541-388-1156!

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