How much should I charge for a repair?

That’s a loaded question, every market is different, whether you’re in the US or whether you’re in another country. So the first piece of advice is just to do your research, make some phone calls and find out what your competition is charging to understand your local market. Do the local insurance companies provide complete glass coverage? Is there a glass deductible involved? Understanding those factors will help you to set your pricing locally.

However, let’s focus in for a moment on the US and Canadian market and just talk about kind of how to set your pricing in those markets. Now we would break this into say three categories when it comes to pricing. One would be retail work, another would be wholesale work, and the final would be insurance work.

Retail work would be cash jobs directly for a customer. Kind of in a one-off scenario and generally speaking, the going rate in the U.S. is $65 or more. When it comes to retail work, especially if it’s mobile repairs, that may even go up to $75 to $100 depending on your area. Again, you want to do your research in your local area.

When it comes to wholesale work, we would be talking about fleet accounts, dealership accounts, body shops, or car washes. These places would be providing consistent volume work, for which you would then offer them a discounted rate. For instance, forty-five dollars or even less depending on the volume of work that they provide. Again, do your local research, find out what the local fleet accounts are currently paying for repair and base your rates around that accordingly.

Now the next category is insurance work. Insurance companies set their prices specifically for windshield repair. Meaning you don’t have a whole lot of control over what they pay for the windshield repair. Generally speaking, most insurance companies will pay between forty-five dollars up to about seventy dollars on the high end for the first repair, and then typically they will pay an additional fifteen to maybe twenty on the high end for a second repair on the same vehicle. So that’s a good rule of thumb to be aware of when you’re doing insurance work.

As far as doing second repairs on retail and wholesale work, generally you would have a second, slightly lower rate, for a second or third repair on the same windshield.

Now again, in regards to international markets, it’s crucial that you research your local area. Do some research, determine what the factors are in the area. Is the glass readily available? Do insurance companies cover the repair? Are there other windshield repair technicians in the area? If so, what level of work are they doing? What quality of work are they doing? What are they charging? Then using all this information to set your rates accordingly.

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