What GlasWeld certification can do for your windshield repair business.

Should I get certified? Does it matter? Do the insurance companies care? Do the retail customers care? Etc. Let’s tackle that subject real briefly.

Why should you get certified, well the first reason is it does add credibility to your business. Indeed, retail customers now are trained to look for certifications in many different industries. Windshield repair is no different, and that would be true also for wholesale customers as well. Now it is true that at this point the insurance companies do not require certification for windshield repair technicians, but indeed, for wholesale and retail customers, it can and will likely matter in your local market.

Also, getting certified can set you apart in your local market. Showing your customers your report card and your skills that you’ve passed a specific test, you’ve crossed a given level, you’ve proven your knowledge, and your skills. Can certainly help to set you apart in comparison to your competition.

Now let’s say you’re a business owner or a business manager, why should you consider getting your technicians certified with a GlasWeld certification process. The main reason is that it gives you a standardized training platform and how valuable that is with employee turnover that can come and go. Windshield repair technicians and glass technicians may come and go, but you would have a standard process through which you train all of your technicians, that holds them to the same standard.

They can undoubtedly fail the test, there’s a series of questions that they have to answer, videos they have to watch, and if you go with the master certification platform, they also have to prove their actual and practical repair skills. So certainly doing this can help to provide a standardized process to help make life easier for those business owners and managers out there.

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