What you need to get started in windshield repair

The truth is in any business first off you need desire and determination and the willingness to work hard and do quality work. That’s true of any company, and of course, it’s always good to have a business plan and an understanding of your local markets. Identifying potential clients; car washes, fleet accounts, dealerships, body shops, detail shops, retail work, etc. is essential. Also determining what your competition is charging and how many competitors you have in your local market to find your niche.

The other thing to factor in is using excellent equipment and supplies. Which will significantly affect the credibility you have when you go to do the job and also the quality of work that you’re able to do. Also, the company that you choose to work with do they provide ongoing support. When you’re on the job, can you call in and get some tips on the repair that you’re working on as well as any issues that you may have along the way with your repair equipment, etc.

The other thing to factor in, in getting set up, will you be set up in a shop setting or a mobile setting. Certainly, a mobile environment you have far less overhead working out of a vehicle or even in some places we have windshield repair technicians that work off of a motorcycle, so determining that as well. Indeed, with windshield repair you can work in a mobile setting, you don’t necessarily need a shop.

The other factor that you would need to factor in when starting a windshield repair business is signing up for the third-party administrators that the insurance companies use. That’s the third-party go-between their retail customers, their customers, and the insurance company itself. So signing up for them, we have a video on that as well on our frequently asked questions that can help you out in understanding that process.

The great thing about windshield repair is it has a relatively low entry point. Getting into the windshield repair business, even with great equipment like the equipment GlasWeld manufactures might only cost you say six hundred dollars or so as an entry point to get started with the proper equipment and then you have significant margins with windshield repair. Your typical resin cost is in the neighborhood of say thirty cents to fifty cents on the high end per repair. That means that you can have high margins on the repair work that you do and as we have already mentioned, still maintain relatively low overhead.

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