Get To Know The Winners: 2017 Auto Glass Week Finalists Q&A

From October 4-6, 2017, windshield repair technicians from around the world gathered in West Palm Beach, Florida, to compete in the 12th annual Windshield Repair Olympics. In what turned out to be the largest group of competitors to date, technicians demonstrated their skill and competed for a grand prize of $5000.

A panel of expert judges was responsible for selecting the technicians who best addressed their unique criteria, including speed, knowledge, and quality of repair, to compete in the finals.

For the first time in the history of the Windshield Repair Olympics, all four finalists selected were using GlasWeld equipment. Not only is this a testament to the quality of our equipment, but it also speaks to the talent of the highly skilled technicians who trust GlasWeld.

This year’s champion was…

WRO Gold: Braulio Lopez Lopez of Cristalbox Express in Lugo, Spain. Braulio is now a three-time world champion in the Windshield Repair Olympics.

*Braulio won using our new ProVac Zoom Injector and Procur+ 360° UV Curing Light!

“GlasWeld has without a doubt the best tools on the market…”


Three-Time WRO Champion Braulio Lopez Lopez

To celebrate GlasWeld’s place atop the podium in 6 of the last 8 Windshield Repair Olympics, we thought it would be fun to get to know this year’s finalists: Alfredo Calva (Alfredo’s Auto Glass), Braulio Lopez Lopez (Cristalbox Express), Hugo Aguirre (Crinamex by Vitro), and Ivan Lopez Lopez (Cristalbox Express).

Q: Why did you choose to compete in the Windshield Repair Olympics?

AC: I love to be challenged in my profession. I took the challenge to compete in the WRO, and I’m glad I did. It was a learning experience seeing other techniques from the other competitors.

BL: Since the first year I competed in 2009, I realized that competing was a great way to challenge myself and improve the quality of my work and repairs. I love windshield repair and I want to be the best at it. One of the best ways to gauge your skills is by competing against others and learning from them. I have learned a lot from the competitors, including those that have not placed in the finals.

HA: As the person responsible for the technical training of all our repair and replacement technicians in a global organization like Vitro, I need to constantly keep up with new techniques. So, when the company invited me to participate, I didn’t hesitate to come and represent Mexico and Vitro.

IL: I wanted to learn from the best and be exposed to other professionals and their techniques.

Q: Why did you choose GlasWeld tools and equipment?

AC: I use Glasweld repair kit systems because I believe they are the best windshield repair kits on the market. After using numerous different windshields repair kits, I found Glasweld to be superior in quality and performance, but more importantly, I’m able to achieve the best end results for my windshield repairs.

BL: GlasWeld has without a doubt the best tools on the market for repairing windshields. They stand out in the market for their simplicity. Also, the vacuum that the injectors produce really helps to get the resin to flow into the smallest areas of the crack, filling the repair with ease. If you’re not familiar with windshield repair, using GlasWeld can be compared to driving a luxury car.

HA: We chose GlasWeld because they have the tools that enable us to do repairs faster and easier, yet with great precision and quality. Their resins are of the highest quality, so we get great looking, higher quality repairs.

IL: In my humble opinion, GlasWeld and their wide range of resins are the very best of all the options available today for windshield repair.

Q: How has GlasWeld certification benefited you?

AC: Becoming GlasWeld certified has helped me have professional credibility. Being certified demonstrates my dedication and motivation to professional development. This leads to a significant advantage over other companies and most importantly how to perform a professional windshield repair.

BL: Becoming GlasWeld certified was crucial for me in improving my repair quality. When you buy a car, you learn how to use it. When you get certified with GlasWeld, it’s the same idea. GlasWeld gives you fantastic feedback on how to improve and you learn a lot.

HA: As the head of a large group of technicians, this platform has sharpened my knowledge and skills and has helped me motivate my fellow techs to do their very best work. It also helps our customers to see that we have the support of a company like Glasweld that is so well known.

IL: Becoming GlasWeld Certified has helped me to learn to get the most out of my products and do better repairs.

Q: What else has led to your success?

AC: The keys to my success are always putting the Lord first in my life, being educated, and being disciplined in following my manufacturer’s recommendations.

BL: The key to my success has been a constant desire to improve my work and my quality. I have the fortune of really enjoying my work. If I had to make a suggestion to anyone doing windshield repair, it would be this: Whatever you do in life, do it with love, and passion, and sooner or later recognition and success will follow.

HA: The pursuit of the best training and certifications has really helped, along with the confidence that Vitro has placed in me and the support of GlasWeld.

IL: I had a good teacher (my brother Braulio), plus lots of real-world experience doing repairs and using great equipment from GlasWeld.

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