How To Prevent A Crack From Spreading During The Windshield Repair Process.


Welcome back to another video blog with GlasWeld, it is really great to be with you. I am Shiloh Spoo.

Today’s topic is going to be failures during a windshield repair process and when we say failures we mean the crack spreading. The question specifically is how can you prevent that from occurring. What are some practical steps that can be taken to avoid that.

One of the really common things that happen, probably the most common thing that happens, causing a crack to spread during the repair process is that the injector is mounted too tight against the glass. In other words, there is too much downward pressure against the glass that causes one of the legs to spread or grow beyond the point that it can be reasonably repaired.

How can we prevent that from occurring? If your using any type of injector that uses a thread mechanism, certainly this is a little more tricky because it is a little difficult to gage how much pressure is too much pressure against the glass.

One of the things that we always want to teach people is once you have touched the glass with the seal, you really only want to go about a quarter to half a turn more. You just want the seal to contact and create a bond, without creating excess pressure against the glass.

The other thing that can happen and is really common during a windshield repair that can cause the crack to spread is of course heat. The heat element of course causes the glass to be softer and more susceptible to cracking. Also avoiding work on a windshield that is excessively hot in the summer is certainly helpful for reducing the chance of a crack spreading.

How can you prevent that, of course we all have to work in the summer and often outside as windshield repair technicians? One of the things you can try to do if you have the opportunity, would be getting it inside or in shade to cool the windshield down. This will certainly help to reduce that from occurring. But in addition, another thing you can do is turn on the defrost on the inside of the windshield and let it run for a few minutes. Consistently cooling off the windshield and letting the ambient temperature get down just slightly, in order to start the repair process.

Beyond that GlasWeld now has new product that will greatly reduce the possibility of failures during the windshield repair process. We call it the ProVac Zoom. The ProVac zoom is built for a couple things, obviously speed and efficiency, but in addition to that we designed it in such a way to help solve this problem. Taking the guess work out of how much pressure is too much pressure.

We use a technology that we call Z-mount technology, which we have an international patent pending on this technology. What it does is it uses tiny ratchet teeth and a ratchet claw to simply allow you to click, click, click until you touch the glass. Not only is it fast but it greatly reduces the chance of over-tightening and causing a crack to spread.

Thank you so much for being with us today, this is Shiloh Spoo with GlasWeld. With you for another video blog, look forward to seeing you next time.

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