Keep Drivers Safe While Offering an Additional Service

June is “National Vehicle Safety Month” and we couldn’t be more excited. Providing products to support automotive safety for our customers is one of GlasWeld’s goals. One thing most consumers don’t take in to consideration is the safety hazards of water spots on windshields. Water spots are a safety hazard because of the loss of visibility. For example, when driving towards direct sunlight or have on coming headlights beaming through your windshield, water spots and stains can make it extremely difficult for the driver to see properly. Also, water spots are ugly and can take away from the true beauty of the car.

So, what are water spots? Water spots are caused from dissolved minerals found in water. Minerals form ions when dissolved in water. When hard water is left on glass, and then evaporates, it leaves traces of minerals that appear chalky, foggy and white. In places where high amounts of minerals are in the water (hard water) this can be more apparent.

Reinforcing the safety hazards water spots create is important, and establishes a convenient additional service. After repairing a damaged windshield, removing the water spots allows the customer to get back in touch with their safe and gorgeous windshield. Since you’re already working on the windshield, might as well give them an extra “wow” factor.
To support this additional service, GlasWeld offers a product called ProClean™. It was developed to remove water spots and stains on windshields. Here is the solution to these pesky water spots…

When using ProClean on windshields,


  1. Clean windshield to remove all dirt and excess particles. Keep glass as moist as possible. It’s important to keep the surface damp during this process. We recommend using a water spray bottle to keep surface from drying out.
  2. Get the non-scratch ProClean cleaning pad damp, and apply the product on to it.
  3. Now, apply the pad on to the glass. Work in one sq. foot area sections until all surface sections are competed. Keep surface damp throughout the process.
  4. Once you have successfully applied ProClean to the water spot area, clean the glass with either water or glass cleaner to remove any excess compound.


Did you know…

* ProClean was developed by GlasWeld to remove water spots and stains from all types of glass surfaces- commercial, residential, automotive, marine and more. It can also be used on paint, metal surfaces, fiberglass gel coat, stovetops, pots and pans, tile and showers. It’s a simple three-step process that can be done by hand or used with our Gforce polishing machine.

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