Don’t Forget the Resin

If you have ever browsed to check out our extensive types of resins, you may have asked yourself this question: Why? As in, why does GlasWeld have so many different types of resin? Aren’t they all basically the same?

Perhaps the easiest way of answering this is by mentioning that no two windshield damages are the same. And no two damages occur in the same weather conditions, or in the same location on the windshield.

Therefore, we have developed different color resins and viscosities for different types of damage and weather conditions. There are even blue and green resins for the tint-band at the top of the windshield.

The whole point of the numerous kinds of GlasWeld resin can be summed up in a single word—quality. Most GlasWeld technicians that we speak with take pride in the quality they are capable of achieving using GlasWeld products. GlasWeld resin is a key component in their windshield repair toolbox.

Just as no two windshield damages are exactly the same, all windshield repair resin should not be the same. A quality repair accounts for location, weather, and damage type. If this is the type of quality repair you demand, GlasWeld resins are here to help.





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