LEDs are cool

If you use GlasWeld windshield repair products, you know the high quality repairs that our tools produce. A successful windshield repair requires removing all of the air and completely filling the damage with resin, and then completely curing the resin with ultra violet light. These three steps are absolutely essential for a successful repair. Even if all the air has been removed and the damage has been completely filled with resin, an improperly cured repair will not be successfully completed and will stand a good chance of failing.

This is why GlasWeld produces a line of curing lamps that are specifically engineered with our resins in mind. They produce the correct wavelength at the proper intensity to fully cure our resin. All of our current UV lamps utilize LED technology. What is LED lighting? LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It is a semi-conductor that emits light when electrical current is supplied and is much more efficient than fluorescent lighting that other curing lights employ. That efficiency means that our lamps run on 90% less energy and the bulb life is extended to the point that you will never have to replace a bulb again. These LEDs are actually rated for over 10,000 hours.

GlasWeld offers three different LED curing lamps: the ProCur2™, The CurALL™, and the CurLite™. How do you choose which lamp is right for you? Listed below are features and benefits of each style of UV lamp.



ProCur2: This LED lamp features a 360° cure. That means that all parts of the repair are cured at the same time giving an even cure while shortening the cure time. This lamp will cure the repair in less than a minute.






CurALL: This LED lamp is about 8” long and features a 5” curing window, so it’s great for crack repair. It cures the repair quickly, in about four minutes. This lamp is light weight and easy to carry, but extremely rugged and durable. No bulb to break or change, makes this lamp perfect to use with any injector on the market.






CurLite: This style of curing light is extremely portable. It doesn’t need to be plugged in because it carries its own power in the form of three AAA batteries. It cures in four minutes and also works with any injector on the market.

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