Home Remedy Repair: Bug Spray

Can Bug Spray Restore Cloudy Headlights?

DIY, or do-it-yourself, projects are a great way to save money and achieve projects independently. In the glass, headlight and windshield industry, we commonly see trends of home remedies that people find to be effective, but really, how effective are they? We’ve been seeing more and more videos on social media portraying the “positive results” of these home remedies. But are these DIY projects causing more harm than good? The answer is yes. It’s extremely important to educate yourself, customers and technicians on the long-term damage of these home remedies. Taking the “easy way out” can cost you.

One popular home remedy is the use of bug spray on headlights. Using bug spray is cheap, easy and quick. To make cloudy lenses appear clear again, do-it-yourselfers apply bug spray onto a cloth and then coat headlights with it. The bug spray eats away at the plastic, deteriorating them, leaving them even more yellow, chipped and cracked than before. When the original factory coating is removed from the raw polycarbonate, and not replaced with a new coating, it leaves headlights bare. Leaving them without a protective UV shield is extremely harmful and will leave permanent damage. Depending on where the vehicle is located, the sun’s intense rays can deteriorate headlights somewhere between 3-6 weeks, leaving them un-reparable. Technicians, educate your customers and use the correct tools and knowledge for a safe and successful repair.


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