Customer Spotlight: G&L Windshield Repair

Company name: G&L Windshield Repair

Owners: Lynda Folck, Glen Folck Jr. and Glen Folck III

City/State: Whiteford, MD


Number of years in business: 27 years

How did you choose GlasWeld?
After researching other windshield repair companies such as Novus, which was a franchise, we found GlasWeld to be the most affordable and cooperative. We bought the kit and attended a training in Richmond, VA.

What services do you offer? Stone chip repair, scratch removal and headlight restoration.

What are your favorite things about being in the glass/windshield repair/headlight restoration business?
My favorite thing about this business is being a truly family oriented, home office business. When we started our business 26 years ago, I was a stay at home mom to three children. This gave me the opportunity to stay at home where I could answer the phone, do book work and be there for the kids. Even now that our son is working with us, I can still be there to help with his children. If they come over for the day, they help file invoices and stamp payments.

Being a father and son team, the guys seem to like the flexibility to work their own hours and they help one another when the workload gets hectic. They enjoy working outside during the nice weather and everyday brings something new and different. They also enjoy the gratification of helping people save money by repairing their windshields instead of replacing.

Tell us a bit about your company:
Glen was a car salesman and worked many 12 hour days which meant a lot of night work. With three school age kids, he hardly got to spend time with them. He saw a guy coming onto the dealership lot fixing stone damaged windshields so the cars could pass state inspection. This intrigued him and he thought this was something he could do. He looked into GlasWeld, was impressed, and bought the kit. Being in the car business, he knew a lot of the salesmen and inspectors and this helped him get his foot into the door of many dealerships and inspection stations in our county. We joined our local Chamber of Commerce and met a lot of independent insurance agents which helped obtain insurance work. We advertised in the local telephone book, networked at the monthly Chamber of Commerce luncheons, and participated in trade shows. Later on we added the distortion-free scratch removal service and headlight restoration. Both services have been ideal add-on services to our business. There may be other companies that offer stone chip repair and headlight restoration, but we are the only company around that offers the distortion-free scratch removal.

During those early years, Glen taught me (Lynda) how to repair stone chips and I was able to take over the business while Glen took a two week Boy Scout camping trip with our son. It goes to show you not only men can do this job but, many women have been successful also. After our son Glen III graduated from school and attended college he started working for us and has become a real asset. And now carries most of the workload. Since we are a mobile service, my husband Glen fills in with the jobs that are a distance away or works on weekends to accommodate customers we can’t hook up with during the week.

Through the years we have seen a lot of changes, both good and bad. Third party insurance networks instead of dealing directly with insurance agents, high gas prices cutting into our mobile service, cell phones instead of pagers, and free advertising with social media. Here we are 26 years later, still in business and the leading stone chip repair specialist in our area.”

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