Why we love the Polishing Compound


Lets face it, glass scratch happens. Whether it’s mishandling to production issues, or normal everyday use, glass scratch is inevitable. However, the solution is clear. Our commitment to fixing damaged glass is as strong as it was 33 years ago.

Our polishing compound is a key element to successful glass scratch removal. Used with the Gforce tool, heat and friction are applied to remove damage on the glass. Using the proper amount of force is important while releasing the compound into the damage. As this force is applied, it allows the compound from the polishing disk to enter the pores of the glass. The polishing compound is non-abrasive, so it removes the scratch and not the glass. Our scratch removal tools can remove the harshest damage from all types of glass. These types of glass include annealed, tempered, insulated units, mirrors, starfire and low iron glass, even graffiti. Reducing scrap rates and saving as much damaged glass as possible leads to a much greener bottom line for everybody.

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