Extend The Life of Your Seals

Injector seals that are working properly are vital for successful quality repairs, so it is important to understand when you should change the seals and how can you make the seals last as long as possible. Some of the things that shorten the life of your seals are lack of or infrequency of maintenance to the equipment, using inferior resins or using the wrong type or too much injector seal lube. With proper maintenance your seals should last 3 to 6 months or longer. So, what can you do to extend the life of your seals? There are a number of good habits that you can develop which will help.

  • Wiping your seals after each repair and storing the injector with the piston out of the body can help keep the chemicals from absorbing into the seals and allow them to “air out” making them last longer.
  • Rotating the upper seal from day to day can also be helpful. Remove and clean the upper seal at the end of the day. The next day install a new seal, then the following day use the original seal again. Rotating the seal in this manner will allow them to air out for a day giving them a chance to expel any chemical that may have absorbed during the day.
  • Use GlasWeld resins. There are many cheap, inferior resins on the market. Many of those resins can cause the seals to swell up and deteriorate shorting their life.
  • Use a thicker resin in warmer temperatures. In warm weather the resin will become thinner allowing them to soak into the seals. Using a thicker resin will slow this down increasing the life of the seals.

Following these suggestions will not only extend the life of your seals, but increase the quality of your repairs thus enhancing your reputation as a windshield repair professional.


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