What is ProVac Technology?

Patented ProVac technology is something you will find in all of the GlasWeld Injectors. In a nutshell it refers to the ability to pull a strong vacuum, but also sustain it while injecting resin. Most windshield repair systems employ either a screw thread system or a basic vacuum system. In either case, the vacuum is lost when injecting resin with other systems. GlasWeld is the only patented injector to pull an extremely strong vacuum and maintain it even during the injection cycle.
Why does this matter? Well, all injectors aim to remove air and moisture from the break. However, without ProVac technology, this can be very difficult if not impossible. Why? In the case of screw thread injectors they attempt to push the air out with so called “displacement technology”. However, this can lead to trapped air bubbles and legs that are hard to fill due to the presence of air. Other injectors that pull vacuum but don’t sustain it often remove the air but then re-inject it into the break during the injection cycle. This leads to small black spots in the break. In either case, these are weak points in the repair and they make the repair more visible to you and your customers. For this reason, so many Auto Glass Professionals have switched to using one of GlasWeld’s patented injectors using ProVac Technology.

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