Why Is a Strong Vacuum Important?

Why is a strong vacuum important?
Any quality windshield repair starts with pulling a strong vacuum. Why is that so important? Well, most if not all repairs trap air and moisture. If resin is injected into the repair before removing all of the air and moisture three things may happen.

1. Air bubbles may get trapped in corners, legs or edges of the break.

2. The resin may mix with water of other contaminants which prevents a full cure and a good bond.

3. The repair is simply ugly due to darks spots and unfilled legs.

In any of these cases, the repair is NOT properly repaired. On the other hand, a strong vacuum allows you to fully remove all air and moisture from the break. This means the break can fill 100%. The result is a better looking, permanent repair that will please even a picky customer. GlasWeld’s EcoVac and G3 Injectors not only pull an industry leading vacuum of 28-29lbs at sea level, but they also sustain that vacuum while the resin. To learn more about our injectors visit https://glasweld.com/windshield-repair-kits/injectors/ . Or to buy now visit http://shop.glasweld.com/

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