Foggy, Cloudy or Oxidized, Whatever You Want to Call It, Headlight Restoration Is The Fix

Having two properly working headlights on a motor vehicle is essential to safe driving. Any less than two lights and the size of an on-coming vehicle in the dark might not be what you think it is (think motorcycles).

When we drive down the road after dark, or in foggy, rainy or snowy weather and we see two lights spaced evenly coming toward us or in our rear-view mirror, we can pretty well be sure it is another vehicle traveling toward us or coming up behind us. (In some cases, it could be two motorcycles – however, one headlight should not be as bright since motorcycles are required to be staggered on the road instead riding of side-by-side.) In any case, clear headlights help us to see the road and help others to see us.

When a headlight is fogged over (or oxidized or cloudy), we do not have quality of vision on the road and other traffic could see us as something other than a full-sized automobile. A single light coming toward us could be a bike, a motorcycle, someone walking with a flashlight, another car with a headlight out – we can only guess – and not knowing for sure can hamper our driving safety.

A very important part of having efficient headlights on your vehicle is making sure they are clear for optimal lighting while driving. If one, or both of your headlights are oxidized, you will not have adequate vision of the road at night, in fog, in rain or in snow.

If one, or both of your headlights need restoration, you will not see the center of the road clearly, however, error in the opposite direction could cause you to miss something on the shoulders of the road. You can see how important properly restored headlights can be for safe driving.

Sadly, many people neglect this simple, fast maintenance on their headlights. It is as important to clean/restore your headlights as it is to wear prescription glasses if needed. Don’t let dim, foggy headlights ruin your day.

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