GlasWeld’s Windshield Repair Resin

GlasWeld’s Gfusion Windshield Repair Resin

Did you know? GlasWeld invented tinted windshield repair resins. Shop Now

Powerful: Superior bonding means better-looking repairs
Diversified: A variety of tints and viscosities for every kind of damage

GlasWeld’s research and development department has created the industry’s most advanced resins so you can perform the best possible repairs. Gfusion resins are:

  • Scientifically formulated to ensure clarity, quality and strength
  • Independently tested to meet and exceed national and international standards
  • Created to perfectly match different temperature and break combinations
  • Developed to work seamlessly with the other components of your G3fusion Auto Glass Repair System

With the acceptance of the new US ANSI standard for the repair of laminated auto glass, the quality of your repairs has become even more important. Choose the best resin, tailored for each type of damage, to ensure that you give your customers the best results possible.

Gfusion™ resins have been subjected to extensive in-house and independent lab tests and found superior in several key categories.

Tensile Strength

Windscreen Repair Resin

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This test evaluates the stress that soda-lime glass rods bonded with resin can bear without breaking apart. The Gfusion resins easily withstood the equivalent of all the typical forces applied to auto glass during a vehicle’s life.

Luminous Transmittance

For this test, star breaks in AS-1 laminated glass are intensely weathered in the Q-Panel Accelerated Weathering Machine for 400 hours. Powerful ultraviolet lights and condensation equal one year in the world’s harshest environments. After this test, Gfusion resins remained clear.

Color Stability

This test includes the same accelerated weathering conditions as above using the Q-Panel. The Gfusion resins bested all standards for shrinkage, fading, chalking and yellowing.


Initial testing using the Gflex™ Laminated Glass
Repair Testing System, a patent-pending system
that tests the quality of a completed repair under
stress, showed that repairs done using Gfusion
resins had exceptional durability, strength and
quality. In fact, repairs done using these resins
were stronger than undamaged glass!

Guide to Resins

2010 Resin, Very Thin Viscosity
This is an ideal cold-weather resin, with a
viscosity that lends itself to tight star breaks
and partial bull’s-eyes.

2020 Resin, Thin Viscosity
This is the best all-around resin. It has the
same refractive index as windshield glass, so it
provides superior optical clarity plus improved
wetting action and hiding properties.

2030 Resin, Medium Viscosity
The answer to all of your hot weather repairs,
and the perfect resin for larger combination
breaks with its superior adhesion and elasticity.

Crackweld 2000, Thick Viscosity
This long crack repair resin really works: it is
moisture resistant, with enhanced adhesion
and elasticity that can withstand the expansion
and contraction that long cracks undergo.

Amber Tint reduces light refraction in breaks
that have cracks or crushed glass, such as
combination or star breaks.

Gray Tint was designed especially to hide
reflectivity in star breaks.

Blue Tint is used for the blue shaded band at
the top of some windshields. It also works well
on combination breaks and bull’s-eyes.

Green Tint is used for the green shaded band
at the top of some windshields. It also works
well on combination breaks and bull’s-eyes.

Every Gfusion windshield repair resin has been independently tested for tensile strength, luminous transmittance and color stability. Shop Now

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