GlasWeld Provides Glass Scratch Repair Solutions

What happens when one of the nation’s most exclusive resort properties has scratched glass blocking spectacular views? When a high-end Las Vegas storefront has unsightly display window damage just days before opening? When an oceanfront condominium high rise has scratches in nearly every window?

Well, they all choose the fastest Glass Scratch Repair solution that delivers results they can trust: GlasWeld’s Gforce™ Scratch Removal System. Whatever your specific need for glass damage removal, we can provide the perfect solution for you.

“GlasWeld has allowed us to save a significant
amount of glass that in the past we would
have thrown out. Annually, they save us a
minimum of $30,000.”
Ed Perry, American Shower Door

“Your technology potentially saved over
$10,000 in glass that might have been
thrown away. Thanks again for developing
such an outstanding product and process.”*
Robert Clarke, President, Alpen, Inc.

*regarding a scratch removal job at the National
Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

For more visit and remember… FREE SHIPPING on order over $500, for a very limited time.

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