From Entrepreneur Magazine: Great Idea! Start a Glass Repair Business

We recently found this great blurb from Entrepreneur Magazine regarding Windshield Repair, Glass Scratch Removal, Headlight Restoration and Glass Repair in general as a business:

What are the benefits of starting a mobile windshield chip repair service? • Low initial investment and minimal monthly business operating overheads. • Homebased business opportunity, flexible business hours, and no inventory to stock or store. • Proven consumer demand with strong future growth potential. • Full- or part-time business opportunity with the potential to earn $50 per hour or more. • There are 130 million registered cars and trucks in the United States, which means 130 million potential customers. • No regulations and quick business learning curve. • Value priced automotive repair means an easy sell. • Inexpensive and readily available business equipment that requires virtually no maintenance. • Excellent potential to expand the business geographically on a franchise or license basis. • Mainly a cash business with very little accounts receivables or payables headaches.

Now, you can call us “Glass Geeks” but we sort of have a “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day … teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” philosophy here.

With this in mind folks are going to start wondering about great gift ideas. Well, what better gift than the gift of a new business? It sounds hard, doesn’t it? It’s not. Simply check us out here today to find out how to choose your own hours, goals and income: https://glasweld.com/byb/

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  1. Hello, im interested in starting a mobile windshield repair business, and would like more information on whats needed to start. Any help provided would be appreciated.
    Thanks for your time,
    Diana Newport

    1. Hi Dianna,

      The great thing about windshield repair is the relatively low up-front cost paired with a high return on your investment. The first step would be learning the process to a great windshield repair. We offer a complete online training platform on all our equipment, as well as a certification program if you want to even go beyond that. Once you’ve completed training (all online training is included for free as well as a DVD version within your kit) the next step would be deciding which kit is right for you.

      If I was you I would start with either our Zoom Essential Plus or our Zoom Professional kit. We have other kits in our lineup, but those two kits in particular really stand out to me. Both kits include our Zoom injector, which is key. We have been around for 35 years and prior to us launching the Zoom the industry and the technology in general had stayed pretty much the same. Now our technology of injectors has always been a step above, in that we are the only injector in the industry that maintains a full vacuum during the entire repair. What sets the Zoom apart though is that unlike any other injector in the world, it uses our z-mount technology. What it does is it allows you to remove the risk that used to accompany windshield repair. It changes the way you do repairs, no longer are you struggling with how much pressure to apply for fear of cracking the windshield. Our Zoom is virtually impossible to over tighten, eliminating risk, and providing you with the highest quality repair in the industry.

      I also recommended the “Plus” version of the kit, as it includes our ProCur+ Curing light. Each repair you do requires you to apply a curing light twice in the process. Most curing lights require you to move them multiple time around the repair to harden the resin. The ProCur+ provides a 360 degree ring of LED’s around the repair, allowing you to cure the entire repair both without moving and in under 1 minute. The ProCur+ allows you to save as much as 5 minutes per repair, so to me, its definitely worth spending a little more to get a faster repair with the ProCur+. The only time I would personally get anything other then a Zoom would be if you live in an area where it rains a lot. Our G3 injector is great for those climates, but the zoom would still work, but the G3 is custom made for that reason scenario. We also offer free shipping on all our kits as well as financing options through PayPal to get you into the kit thats perfect for your goals.

      As far as growing your business, the first thing I would do is get setup with insurance companies. Then I would decide if I want to create partnerships, if so, contacting car dealerships, detailing shops, and more. All would be opportunity’s for you and your business. I am a strong believer in Facebook advertising right now. Running Facebook ads for those within 25-50 miles of you, targeting rock chips in their window, could easily lead to a large waitlist of clients. Especially if your mobile, those are all great opportunity’s.

      I hope that gets you started. Above and beyond that we have an amazing customer support department which is open Monday-Friday 7am-4pm PST at 1+ (541) 388-1156 just give us a call and we can answer all your questions and more on getting you up and running.

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